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29 February 2016 @ 10:15 pm
there's a crack in the edge at the end of the world where i will sit with my love in this fluorescent swirl. eat us up, break it down to the tiniest cell. in a room with a view and a window to hell with those who bury bodies in the barrels of fun will be marched through museums that display what they've done. they'll be shot up through the sky by a cannon of sin; we'll reluctantly let them in.
so can i lie in your grave?

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03 February 2010 @ 04:42 pm
Since I have writer's block for this stupid argumentative piece, I'm gonna right about the one thing on my mind right now. ANGELS & AIRWAVES.

Well, last week, I had a weird ass flashback about the first time I heard blink. Summer after 1st grade, anyone?! That band defined my childhood years. When we moved to the south valley from Millwood, my brother and I would hook up our dad's old boombox and play tape mixes which included a shit ton of blink, and ultimately their music became the theme of neighborhood. I miss those days :(


The story of how I fell in love with AVA is weird. It went from hate, to love hate, to just fucking love in about 3 hours. I saw the video for The Adventure and thought "LOL wow Tom's such a douche now, TEAM HOPPUS!" then I ran away and blasted Good Charlotte, hehehe. Somehow, I stumbled upon A Little's Enough, and was like "...okay wow." Got WDNTW off of iTunes with a gift card around Christmas '06, listened to the whole thing, and completely DIED a lot and stuff. Start The Machine was my jam, yo! Still love that song :)

I listened to the record everyday during my freshman year and all of summer 07. Magically, I-empire demos were appearing. The first song I heard was My Only Fear (now Call To Arms) and I was like "FUCK YOU DELONGE I LOVE YOU." OH and I remember going to their website before modlife came to be and hearing the Love Like Rockets demo with the little motorcycle dude and it got me so stoked every time I saw it. The only other song I picked up around then was Everything's Magic, and I got all mad (just like all the blink fans) cuz it sounded too much like Anthem Pt. 2. But I loved it anyway.

I downloaded "Breathe" in late October 2007, right before the marching band practice before we left for our last competition in Seattle. I was too hyper on the way there cuz of bus shenanigans (truth or dare, eating 12 warheads at once, etc), but on the way back, i was so irritated with everyone and just chilled in my own seat with my ipod the entire way back from Seattle (which is EIGHT hours on that huge ass bus, mind you). Breathe came on as we were leaving North Bend, about to go over snoqualmie pass. It was the most beautiful and soothing song that had ever graced my ears. SO pretty. Now every time we leave Seattle, I always start playing Breathe right before we go over the pass, just to reminisce about hearing it :D CORNY I KNOW but it's my own little tradition I guess.

I didn't hear the rest of the album until the day it came out (November 6). My mommy and I went shopping and out to dinner before I went to stay the night in her apartment. We went into FYE and the album was EVERYWHERE so I was like "MOM!!!!!!" and obviously she caved. Listened to it STRAIGHT for months.

Then came Modlife, March 8th, August 9th, and October 11th. Those have been the best days of my life to date (though sept. 10 09 was pretty rad too) and I have created so many amazing memories with that band and have made some incredible friends.

I've been sad about AVA being absent from my excitement, until I realized that LOVE is being released A WEEK FROM FRIDAY. Tour in April. I'm SO ready to raise hell with my friends in Seattle (and HOPEFULLY PORTLAND TOO...FORREAL THIS TIME!!!) and just lose my shit and go so crazy and die and poop and barf and shit and pee and AHAHAHAHADFISLDAYAYYAYAYAYA. O and bear hugz for TDong, DK, DocWach and Sir Atuuuuuummmmyyy. And a slap on the back for JTP and some juicy saliva for Georggin and three cheers for Doug REESH!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 December 2009 @ 11:49 pm
It'll be Christmas Eve here in about a half hour or so, and it doesn't even feel like it. My lack of joy has deteriorated over the past few years, now that I look at it. Christmas '07 was the first Christmas with divorced parents. It SUCKED at my dad's house, because it felt so wrong not having my mom there. I felt bad that Mitch and I left right after presents to go be with our mom, but of course, my dad was anxious to get to Post Falls to spend the day with Jen and her family.

Last year was worse, because my dad was actually ALONE when we left to go to my mom's house. He went to my aunt & uncle's later on though. We actually went to my mom's to open presents, and 5 minutes later we were on our way to Justin's parent's house...AWKWARD. Luckily, we're not doing that again this year, cuz we ALL have to work. Big fucking whoop.

This year will also be the first time in almost 18 years that I will (probably) not be at the annual Armitage-Cox Christmas Eve thingy that my grandma has been hosting for like...56 years! Usually, I go to her house on the 23rd to stay the night and help set up, and I legit broke her heart when I told her I had to work both the 23rd AND 24th. Matt was supposed to be helping her, and Nik SHOULD be helping her, but he's kind of on a leash with Nicole so yeah :/ Mitch could have helped too, but you know, he's a heartless bastard and decided to hang out with his asshole friends. I talked to Kim (lead server) before I left work tonight to see if I could try to leave early tomorrow, and she said sure but idk cuz we're already gonna have a limited staff. But Bree, Gabby and Justan are pretty cool about stuff like that and we always return each others favors and shit, so hopefully it won't be an issue. I also don't want to drive all the way to my grandma's from work (she lives 30-45 minutes away depending on traffic) so I asked Mitch if we could carpool since he's off at 6 and I would probably be off by 6 or 6:30. Obviously he says no because he doesn't care about anyone but himself. I asked my dad if he would wait (we don't eat dinner at grandma's til like 7) and he was like "uh...that would be bad! I can't show up late!" wkejagf;lskdjgfdikl.

I blame divorce and work for my scrooge-ness. PS my friends really fucking suck. They're great inside of school but don't want anything to do with me outside of school. Well okay then. PSS THE NEW AVA SINGLE CAME OUT TODAY!!!! "HALLUCINATIONS!!!" is free for download on AVA's mod pageeeee go check that shit out it's amazinggggggg kbye.
02 November 2009 @ 08:46 pm
I didn't know where else to post this, but I guess I need to have another therapy session with good ol' LJ. This is probably the only place where I have a SLIGHT following, idk. I haven't talked to anyone on here in SO LONG.

To start, I've been applying to colleges. Well, I've only submitted one application, but I'm waiting on my next paycheck since the application fees are ridiculous, like $50-$60! And sending my ~official~ SAT scores is $10 each time I have to do it. Fuck that. Anyway, my father likes to think that he knows EVERYTHING, and gives me the most fucked up insight that he has about all the schools that I'm interested in. His top choices for me are Washington State University in Pullman, about an hour and a halfish south of Spokane. Location: middle of a god damn cornfield. They've got a semi decent football team, and it's close to Spokane, which is why I believe my dad wants me to go there. I'm sorry, but that's the complete opposite of my dream, kthanks. His other choice is Eastern Washington University in Cheney, like 30-40 minutes from my house. HELL TO THE FUCKING NO. Half the kids at my school already go there for running start, and I thought one major thing about college was to MEET NEW PEOPLE. Plus, if you have at least a 3 point GPA, you're automatically admitted. It's nearly pointless in my eyes.

I am completely and utterly in love with the west side of the state, namely the Seattle area. The problem there is that the schools in the city aren't so easy to get in to. University of Washington - MY TOP CHOICE - is getting harder and harder to get in to, especially for girls. My cousin went there and graduated in '04 and absolutely loved it. He was gonna stay in Seattle since he loves it so much, but he ended up going to Law School at Gonzaga (in Spokane) and I think that's when he decided that he's gonna stay here. But at least he's rich as fuck now, damn lawyers! The other schools in Seattle are Seattle University (they've contacted me SEVERAL times because of the AP shit I did last year, but it's private and $40,000 per year) and Seattle Pacific University (another private and expensive school).

My other choice over there is Western Washington University in Bellingham, which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle. IT'S ALSO WHERE DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE FORMED/IS FROM hehehe. It's not that hard to get into, and I submitted my application there on Saturday, but I'm waiting to get some official transcripts from my bitch counselor to mail to them, since they can't make a decision without it blah blah. Tonight was one of those nights where my dad decided to throw in his two cents. He talked about this dude he works with who has a daughter who is a Senior at Western, and her tuition for 4 years is $80,000. He pretty much just gave me the "I don't think so" look. I said "What are you saying? You want me to e-mail the admissions people and say 'LOL MY BAD TOO EXPENSIVE SORRY!'?" he said "No, I'm just telling you that that's what we're up against" and then he walked away. Ya know, he might as well have said "stop fucking applying now" because I'm about ready to do that. I don't know if he's trying to freak me out about the schools on the west side because he doesn't want me to be that far away (Western is about 6 hours, fyi) or if he's just trying to be ~logical IDFK. It's REALLY making me upset. I DON'T want to end up like all the fucking community college losers who end up as nurses at Deaconess or Sacred Heart LIKE EVERYONE FUCKING ELSE. I'm pretty sure my dad wants that for me, so I'll stay in Spokane and marry a fucking mormon and have 9454594854875 kids so he can be GRANDPA FUCKING LARRY. I DO NOT FUCKING WANT THAT. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS GOD DAMN LILY FREAKING WHITE ASS CONSERVATIVE CHURCHY SHIT HOLE I WANT OUT RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

The funny thing about this is that when he gave me his insight about UW, he said he worked with both this kid's parents, and that the kid was pretty much a loser in high school but somehow managed to get in to UW, and is attending right now. It was kind of like "THERE'S HOPE FOR YOU!!!" Or maybe it's because they have a semi decent football team too, and he can sleep on the floor of my dorm room so he can go to the games! AND have the liberty of saying "OMG MY DAUGHTER IS A HUSKY!!!!!!!!!" Jesus chirst I want to PUNCH HIM slkdfja;lsdjf it's pissing me off so much sal;dfjka;segmrdf;gmndsfkljgersdkjlfgh.

Sorry this is long, I just needed to vent and quite frankly, it did nothing but frustrate me even further. I wish some things would just take care of themselves. And who ever said being a Senior is fun lied. The first part of your senior year is kinda SLIGHTLY STRESSFUL. I AM NOT HAVING FUN YET.
11 September 2009 @ 03:17 pm
Yesterday was incredible. I love blink and I'm so glad I FINALLY got to see them. However, the show didn't give me the same rush that Angels shows do, but shit. It was still amazing. Plus, it was gorgeous over there, and Mt. Rainier was like RIGHT THERE, beautiful.

I got to the venue at about 1 and stood in front of one of the gates where a bunch of other people were. I'm pretty sure that I saw Nolan (modlife dude/weirdo) but I didn't say hi cuz yeah. Kim got to the venue awhile later after eating at Denny's, had a bad conflict with a douche security guard when I was trying to get to her, and ended up walking down the fucking highway instead of walking 20 feet to get to her sister's boyfriend's truck, long story short.

Lined up outside the venue for about an hour and just shot the shit, and then they opened the gates. I ended up getting my camera in by saying that it was a case for my cell phone hahahah. I just should have put it in my cleavage, but oh well, the lady bought it. They weren't letting people into the actual amphitheater until 5:30, so we walked around for a bit. We ran into Jakob and his wife Teresa (modlifers) and talked for a bit. Jakob, Kim and I were supposed to be doing street team stuff for macbeth, but the leader (Miles) said that he hadn't gotten a hold of Jimmy, so we ended up not being able to do anything :( Miles actually called us when we were in the pit, but we were like "nah, screw it, we don't wanna lose our spot" and Miles was just like "yeah, don't worry about it."

When the doors opened, we ended up getting barricade, Tom's side. Chester French was first, and the just flat out sucked. Taking Back Sunday was after, and they were so good! I still wish Fred was with them though :( I love how Adam said "34.8 miles southeast of Seattle...that's exact!" and "There's a mountain out there! It's pretty! And it's really big, you can't miss it!" haha. My 8th grade self was orgasming badly. Weezer was after them, and they're okayyyy it's just that they're very strange and I already had to see them with AVA last year haha. They played Sweater Song, and Kim and I were like "ASFKJSDL:JKDGJS OCTOBER 11 AVA AWWWW" since Tom sang with them on that song last year. It made me very nostalgic.

Before Blink came on, they set up a curtain that they dropped right as they started to play. Luckily, Kim and I were in a spot where we could see behind the curtain. Doug (Tom's guitar tech) was throwing pics out, and I kept pointing at myself so he'd throw one to me, and he mouthed "yeah" and tried to throw it to me, but was unsuccessful :( Thanks anyway, Doug! We saw a few guys walking on stage, I think they were friends of someones cuz we had never seen them before. When they walked back, Mark was behind them. I yelled "MARK HOPPUS!" and he looked at me and gave me a thumbs up :D He looks soooo much better in person, not that he looks bad in pics, but he's very lean and just so good looking and smoooooth haha. He does NOT look 37 AT ALL.

Right after Blink came on, there were big Macbeth balls being thrown to the crowd, but I think it pissed security off, so Jimmy came to pick them up. He walked in front of us, and I hit him on the back cuz I was angry that he didn't come out to give us street team stuff earlier haha.
During the second song (I THINK!!!) Tom walked out onto the speaker/sub thing that was right in front of me and Kim. He just kinda smiled at us, and then turned around and shoved his ass in our faces.

That made me way happier than it should have hahaha. I swear he smiled at me like 493875234985 times during the show too. Like, he'd look my way, and I'd start smiling, and then he would smile too and alskrjfsladkgjasdlfkgj fuck I love him. It had been almost a year since I had seen him and I just fucking missed his face and his pretty teeth.

I was stoked when they played Blow Job. That was brilliant. Mark also ended the show with a little cover of that "every rose has its thorn" song hahahaha. OH and I legit shit my pants when during the little improv thing they did before they played Carousel. IT SOUNDED LIKE IT HURTS AND KIM LOOKED AT ME AND WE WERE LIKE "IT HURTS A:SLFJKGL:ESRA" I DIED. Fuck, I miss AVA :( Oh, and the bunny animation during First Date....FUCK IT WAS SCARY. I DIDN'T LIKE IT.

Travis's drum solo was FREAKING AMAZING. You can hear me yelling "OH MY GOD!" when the thing started to go to the side alskjafhedtghdww;sdgf/

Blow Job:


I am also very disappointed in the fact that no matter how hard I scream (like last night, I was about to puke), I can't ever lost my voice. FUCK! NO FAIR!

After the show, we bought merch, and then spent 349857394857 years looking for Kristen and Michael in the fucking parking lot from hell. IT SUCKS! And the road there is a two way road, but there's only one lane, so it's hard to get out. The only cool thing was the people sitting by their car doing blink covers as everyone left! haha. It also smelled like 3827592857 different kinds of drugs, awesome. Then Michael drove me back to the hotel, Kim walked me up, my mom gave her $20 to give to Michael for driving me back, we took a pic in our matching blink shirts, the end. I'm ready for more, whether it be blink or AVA, but preferably AVA since it's been nearly a year since I've seen them.

18 August 2009 @ 09:35 pm
we got to the gorge at around 10:30ish, and there was already a shit ton of people in line, but it was fine. kim and i knew that some of the guys from the maine would probably be out trying to sell thier CD and telling people their set time, and sure shit, we saw garrett and pat within 15 minutes of being in line. we waited until they got to us, and we both got pictures with them. i'm surprised that no one was freaking out over them since they're actually getting pretty popular now. they were super nice and so chill. pat asked us if we had CSWS, and i said "yeah, and if i had money i'd buy another one!" and he was like "Awww it's okay!" and i felt kinda bad :/ they also told us that they were doing a signing at the ap tent at 1 and we were all over that like stink on shit hahah.

we got into the venue, and checked the inflatable schedule and i wrote the set times for the bands we wanted to see, but we ended up seeing WAY more bands than we had anticipated! we started to walk around, and kim kept saying "OMG i think that's sierra from versa emerge!" to every girl that walked by us. we actually did find her as she was making a delivery of chicken strips and fries to someone, and kim got a quick picture.

we walked down to main stage, and i got confused since there was only supposed to be one main stage, yet it was still divided into two stages. turns out the other half was the hurley.com stage, which was rad because a lot of the people would go down and wait for a band on the main stage to come out while a band on the hurley.com stage was playing so they were able to get a lot of people to watch them. when we got to the stage, we realized that we the kings was playing. they were so good! they kept getting attacked by wasps hahaha. i REALLY liked their new song "heaven can wait" so i'm definitely gonna get their new album when it comes out. they also did a sick cover of "in the middle" by jimmy eat world.

after we the kings, kim wanted to find the district lines tent so she could talk to dennish. you know how those smaller bands walk around/sit in their tents and try to get people to listen to their music? we got a lot of those, but when we walked by them, they attacked us with squirt guns, not nice. so when kim finally found the district lines tent and got a pic with dennish, he said "EW you're all sweaty!" and she was like "NO! some asshole attacked me with a squirt gun!" haha. we kept walking around and randomly got stamped by this guy who worked for some clothing company, and the stamp was LIPS ahhaha. then he was like "i stamped you! now look at our stuff!"and we were like "uhhh we'll come back later."

we were trying to find the AP tent to get in line for the maine's signing, but we couldn't fucking find it. so we went to the maine's merch tent and asked vito and he didn't really know, but he pointed us in the right direction. we ended up asking the same dude who attacked us with the squirt gun haha. once we found it, we only had to stand in line for like 30-45 minutes. they had free warped programs that we were reading, and i was also taking pictures of all the blink/AVA photos from the AP issues that they had on a little backdrop/banner thing :D the AP tent was also really close to the skull candy stage, and we kinda watched tumbledown, mike herrera's (from mxpx) band. WASHINGTON STATE REPRESENT!!!! he ended up being in an interview where he said "being from washington, i know that this place is NOT in seattle, this is central washington ya'll! seatown's 2 and a half hours away!" FUCK YES PLZ. once the maine got there, a bunch of people got to go in front of us because they got cut in line passes from something. when we got closer to the front, we were like "WTF WHERE'S KENNY!?" kim asked johno where he was and he said "kennedy's home for some family shit but he'll be back with us tomorrow" :( I WANTED TO SEE THAT CUTE FUCKER! garrett's brother trey took kennedy's place on stage. the signing was quick but fun. i had them sign my ticket. garrett handed it to jared, and jared dropped it and johno yelled "JARED YOU DROPPED IT! SON OF A BITCH!" and jared was like "my apologies!" hahahah i didn't care. i love the maineeeee.

after the maine signing, we went to the gigantic at&t booth for the all time low signing. i didn't really like them, but i was like eh what the hell, it'll be fun. we got these passes that are in the shape of a phone with a picture of all time low on the screen, and they were only gonna give out a few hundred and we actually got a decent spot in line. there was a guy talking at the booth and he was really entertaining. i don't remember what he said but it was funny. the booth was right next to the smartpunk stage and we were able to watch the white tie affair! LOVE THEM! i saw them here with meg & dia and secondhand serenade in january and they were really good. this guy that worked for at&t gave us a bunch of stickers and 25 free song download thing from the warped CD for itunes which was tight. this other dude who was either in tv/tv or was working for them came up to kim and i and wrote "TV/TV 7:45 @ Skull Candy" on out arms. kim was like "hey you're on modlife!" and he was like "modlife? what's that?" and when he left he was like "yeah modlife...whatever that is!" and kim was like "WTF i swear they had modlife!" and i was like "HAHAHA no man." lmfao. the guy who was talking kept saying "ladies and gentlemen, ALL TIME LOW...will be here in 15 minutes!" LMFAO kim died so bad i was very entertained. when they finally came, alex said "jack and i are having a baby!" haha. when i got up, rian was first, then alex, then jack, and he was wearing one of the new blink shirts so i HAD to comment on it. he high fived me and then continued to hold my hand for about 10 seconds lmao. i was like "k man yeah blink's my favorite too, but i don't want my hand to be molested." then zack was last, the end. it was quick too, but they were all really nice.

we headed over to the lawn area near main stage/hurley.com and ate while we watched ftsk (meh) and then bad religion!!! they were rad. after that we headed up to the hurley stage to get a good spot for the maine, and ended up watching part of scary kids scaring kids before the maine came on. i don't really like screamo shit but i was like YAY MODLIFE!!!!!!! haha. we ended up getting front row for the maine :D they're soooooo fun live. it was kim's 98765436345 time seeing them, and i hadn't seen them since last july on the soundtrack tour so i was super stoked. i kinda wanted to cry during "we all roll along" because it's just the perfect end of summer anthem :( haha. johno pulled some dude up during "girls do what they want" and made him sing LMFAO he was wayyy off key but at least he had the right tempo! johno also said "i wish i could say that we're coming back here in the fall, but we're not. maybe in january or some shit!" D: so sad. i miss themmmm.

after their set we walked around a bit, and then went to the maine's merch tent to say hi to johno and garrett. i got a pic with johno and he was so so so so chill. he talked to everyone like he knew them, it was rad. kim got a picture with him too and asked what one of his tattoos said, and he said "it says 'some people have real problems'" hahah love him. then we both went and got more pics with garrett, that lil sexy beastttt love him. pat and jared were nowhere to be found :(

i think we walked around a bit more, and watched parts of a few other band's sets, and went to the KAB tent to buy the "I ♥ boobies!" bracelets and signed up for their email list and got more free shit, including 987654 stickers, a denny's all nighter pass, and "the warped tour guide to not being an enviornmental disaster" booklet. i opened the cover and saw a pic of tom at warped last year :( he was holding a sign that said "what's your earth echo?" and there were severl ads that MAAAAAAAAAATTTTT WACHTER drew in there :D it made me happy. walked around more, got some cool bracelets from a hippie vendor, got some free condoms, etc.

we went to the hurley.com stage to watch meg & dia right before all time low played on main stage. i love meg & dia sfm BUT THEY NEED TO PLAY MORE OLD STUFF. the only old song they played was roses. granted i love their new song "i'm going away" but DUDE i just love their old stuff. when all time low came on, we were right in the pit, and it got bad by the 2nd or 3rd song, and kim was like "fuck this i'm surfing out of here" and i was gonna stay, but the two girls that lifted her up were like "C'mon your turn!" and i was like "SHIT OKAY!!?" i was nervous cuz i was holding kim's purse with all of our shit in it. but DUDE it was so fun. i probably hurt a few people but askldfjsl;kdjfskd it was fun! ended up staying on the edge of the pit for the rest of the show while kim went back in, and i watched the dumbass who spit on zack get tackled to death by securtiy. SHIT that was intense. that was followed by the "cock sucker" chant hahahah. overall i really enjoyed their set. i thought i fucking hated them just because they're a blink rip off but man, they're fun.

versa emerge was playing the ernie ball stage awhile later so we headed up there and ate while in this moment played. EW they sucked so bad ahaha. but they did have a really good circle pit. we got front row when versa emerge came on (but there was barely anyone there anyway hahah) and they're sooooooo good live. sierra can fucking sing! not to mention BLAKE is fucking gorgeous. half way through the set sierra was like "WAKE UP! MAKE THESE SECURITY GUYS DO THEIR JOBS!" so everyone started moshing, and there was one dude who crowd surfed over like two people and the security fucking DROPPED him and he hit his head on the other side of the barricade LMFAO. sierra's face was priceless when that happened hahaha. after they were done, blake came down and kim and i both got pictures with him. he had a handful of picks and gave one to both kim and i. THEY'RE BRIGHT PINK!!! yay!

FINALLY, it was time for 3OH!3. they were the last performance on the main stage, but big d and the kids table played right after them on the hurley.com stage. kim and i got toward the front, but it was too far right to get a good view of the performance on stage. but HOLY SHIT. that was the BIGGEST crowd i had ever seen. IT WAS FUCKING CRAZY. you wouldn't wanna crowd surf there unless you wanted to be thrown 93752735 feet in the air. it was so much fun especially cuz EVERYONE knew all the words. it was incredibleeee. i won't ever forget that.

warped this year was WAY more fun than last year. granted last year was way rad because of all the AVA shit, but i was a noob last year and this year we knew what we were getting into, and took full advantage of that. it doesn't matter what bands are playing and if you like them or not...it's just impossible to not have fun at warped! i'm buying presale for warped '10 as soon as they're available. definitely the highlight of my summer just like last year, and it will be for years to come.
06 July 2009 @ 09:33 pm
ah, yes. as much as i'd like to think of this as starting a new journal, i'm just not. why? because i'm much too lazy to create another account/make a layout that's perfect/yadda yadda. anyway, i realized that most of my posts have done nothing but display my habitual complaining, and they were anything but concise. so, voila.

as far as an update on life goes...i got home yesterday from a 4 day camping trip at priest lake aka my second home. i went with my favoritest cousin, matt, and kim, his lady friend (which i say because they haven't really made it "official" yet) and it was interesting, for lack of a better word. my dad, my uncle scott, and my other cousin nik joined us later. it was a good 4th of july weekend, especially after drinking an entire bottle of champagne. oops?

my senior project, as of now, is going to be an advertisement/promo video for macbeth! you know, that awesome shoe company that tommy d founded. my friend kim is supposed to help me with it, but it's hard since she lives 9876543 hours away. granted she just visited for a week, but it was short notice, and my friend leah who only lives a half hour away is helping too, and i just didn't have time to come up with an idea/find time for all of us to get together. i still don't have a solid idea, but i was thinking about maybe kind of mocking a funny commercial, like these:

(this one would obviously be about SHOES with crime deterrent!)

idk, it has to be funny, yet appropriate to show in front of the panel of oh-so-intimidating teachers/staff members.

that's all i've got for now. btw, piper's babies are fucking cute. they know that i'm their grandma. WHAT NOW?!?!?!!??!